New Publication from Academic/Practice Collaboration

Theresa Watts, MPH, PhD Student, University of Wisconsin Madison School of Nursing, WPHRN Member.

The research study, Increased Risk for Mother-to-Infant Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus Among Medicaid Recipients – Wisconsin, 2011–2015 by Theresa Watts, MPH, PhD Student, WPHRN Member, Lauren Stockman, MPH,  Justin Martin, MPA, Sheila Guilfoyle, and James M. Vergeront, MD with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health is an example of a research collaboration between academia and practice in Wisconsin.

The study connects hepatitis C virus (HCV) reports from a Wisconsin electronic reporting system to Wisconsin Medicaid data for 2011–2015 births. Women with evidence of HCV infection during pregnancy increased from 1 in 368 pregnancies to 1 in 192. Of 183 infants born to women with evidence of HCV viremia during pregnancy, one third received the recommended testing. Vertical transmission was reported in 4% of infants. Improving screening practices for pregnant women with evidence of HCV viremia and their infants could assist with identifying infants at risk for vertical transmission.


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