Uniform Chart of Accounts for Public Health Agencies

The WPHRN and University of Washington public health researchers joined together January 15 to discuss the adoption of a uniform chart of accounts by public health agencies. The Uniform Chart of Accounts Project at the University of Washington is working with public health agencies in Wisconsin and around the nation to enable them to crosswalk financial data from their existing general ledgers and make comparisons to other agencies. The uniform chart of accounts is intended to complement—but not replace—existing financial accounting systems. Expenditures and revenues are broken down into major programs and capabilities that correspond with the Foundational Public Health Services Model areas and capabilities. With the support of the University of Washington research team, participating local health departments can crosswalk, or map, the corresponding categories from their accounting systems into the uniform chart of accounts categories.  If you’d like to learn more about the project, you can view slides from the webinar here, or contact Paula Bizot at pbizot@wisc.edu with questions or for a recording of the webinar.  There’s still time to participate!