WPHRN Webinar: Using the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin in Public Health Practice

WPHRN staff and Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) researchers co-hosted a webinar June 9, 2020 about using data from SHOW to address public health needs. SHOW is a health research infrastructure that offers numerous opportunities for linking public health practice and research. The webinar provided information on SHOW’s resources and specific projects in which SHOW staff have collaborated or are collaborating with health departments, including:
  • Supporting biomonitoring of environmental exposure to metals and chemicals in Milwaukee angler populations
  • Conducting analyses and creating a report to assess Brown County’s priority community health needs
  • Conducting COVID-19 antibody surveillance

Opportunities and approaches to engage with SHOW were also discussed.

You can access the webinar slides here or contact Paula Bizot at pbizot@wisc.edu for a recording of the webinar.