Inter-Organizational Collaboration in Local Public Health Systems: Implications for Costs, Impact, and Management Capacity (2014-2016)


PI: Justin Marlow, PhD, MPA and Co-PI: Susan Zahner, DrPH, RN, FAAN

This multi-state study includes public health (PH) practice-based research networks from New York, Washington, and Wisconsin and the Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials. Study aims include: 1) Document the intensity, motivation, and characteristics of cross-jurisdictional sharing, 2) Determine how, if at all, cross-jurisdictional sharing affects the volume and reach of communicable disease services, and 3) Determine how, if at all, and why cross-jurisdictional sharing affects the unit cost of communicable disease services among LHDs. Data will be collected within each state using existing sources on standardized MPROVE measures. A survey will be used to determine the extent and structure of LHD cross-jurisdictional sharing in New York, Oregon, and Washington. These results will be compiled with Wisconsin survey results from study, Cross-Jurisdictional Shared Service Arrangements in Local Public Health (Co-Investigators: Susan Zahner, DrPH, RN and Kusuma Madamala, PhD). The relationship between costs, volume, and quality of service delivery and the presence of LHD level CJS over time will be observed when MPROVE CJS data is combined with LHD financial information.

Wisconsin Study Advisory Team Members

  • Melody Bockenfeld, UW Institute for Clinical & Translational Research –Dissemination & Implementation
  • Jaime Bodden, Shawano-Menominee Counties Health Department
  • Cindy Bodendein, Sauk County Health Department
  • Linda Conlon, Oneida County Health Department
  • Jeff Kindrai, Grant County Health Department
  • Susan Kunferman, Wood County Health Department


Archived Recordings and Presentation Slides

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