Partnering with WPHRN

Guidelines for Endorsing Research Projects

The Wisconsin Public Health Research Network (WPHRN) may endorse proposed or funded research projects, if requested, using the following guidelines and decision-making process.  Endorsement is most commonly evidenced by a letter of support or endorsement.

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Decision guidelines

Decision guidelines (not all need to be met to be considered)

We engage in/support/endorse a research project when:
1. The project aims to conduct research related to public health services and systems.
2. The project topic is included on the WPHRN Priority Research Questions (2015).
3. The project is related to the Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 state health plan.
4. The research addresses a practice or policy for which there is potential to bring about change as a result of the research and affect many local and tribal health departments and/or community partners and community collaborators.
5. The investigator is willing to work collaboratively with the WPHRN.
6. There are advantages to collaboration for both the WPHRN and the investigator.
7. There is adequate funding to complete the project.
8. The supporting actions of the network are feasible within the structure and methods of the WPHRN.

Decision-making process

Decision-making process

1. All project proposals are screened for appropriateness by the WPHRN staff and Co-Chairs.
2. Appropriate projects will be reviewed by the WPHRN Steering Committee. The WPHRN Steering Committee votes on proposals or funded research projects to determine if the project will receive network endorsement and whether to make network resources available.
3. Written agreements may be required related to researchers working on projects through the WPHRN.

Grant Funding Tips

We want to increase the number of public health projects, so WPHRN provides members with frequent updates about funding opportunities to support such projects. In some cases, limited WPHRN resources may be made available to support grant proposals or projects.  Investigators may also request to meet with the WPHRN director or project manager to discuss including WPHRN services and corresponding financial support in their grant proposals.

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Partnering when applying for research project funding

In some circumstances, it may be advantageous for agencies/organizations to apply in partnership with other organizations, such as the WPHRN, for research project funding. When applying for funding, a principal investigator and lead agency are needed. The principal investigator is someone who has the qualifications needed to conduct a research study and often has access to an institutional review board. A lead agency will have the capacity to fiscally manage the funding that is received. For example, researchers often collaborate with practice partners to help with idea generation, provide letters of support, and be part of a study advisory team. Health departments will often apply in partnership for funding with a researcher if they do not have a staff member that is qualified to lead a research study. There are many different partnership arrangements that can occur when applying for funding.

How do proposals receive WPHRN endorsement?

Proposals are screened by WPHRN staff and Co-Chairs. The WPHRN Steering Committee then reviews and votes on proposals or funded research projects to decide if the network will provide project endorsement and/or will make network resources available. Guidelines are used during the decision making process. Those interested in submitting a project for network endorsement are highly encouraged to review the WPHRN guidelines and WPHRN Priority Research Questions.

How can WPHRN assist public health practitioners and researchers that are interested in obtaining public health research funding?

The purpose of WPHRN is to link and support public health practitioners and researchers in order to answer questions and disseminate discoveries applicable to improving practice and population health. Because WPHRN has limited resources, assistance available from WPHRN staff for proposal preparation is limited to:

Providing WPHRN members with current funding information

Facilitating connections between public health practitioners and researchers

Supporting and endorsing research proposals, and

Providing information about additional resources.

Investigators seeking to provide financial support to the WPHRN in their grant proposals for additional project-related support or services should contact the Research Program Manager or WPHRN Co-Directors during the proposal-writing phase to discuss their project needs.

Guidelines for Selecting Research Projects Using WPHRN Resources/Endorsement