Carly Babino

Position title: Translating Evidence to Practice in Public Health Intern (2017)

I am very excited to utilize this internship experience to learn more about translating research evidence into practice. I am also eager to learn more about Wisconsin’s Public Health System, and the collaboration it provides with researchers and the University.

Carly Babino Holmes began her TEP-PH Internship with WPHRN in June of 2017 with an interest in translating research into community interventions as well as mental health promotion in children. During her internship, she assisted in the grant writing process for a new public health residency program and conducted and disseminated findings from a survey for new public health professionals and public health officers.  Carly is a registered nurse who received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked on her PhD in nursing during her internship. Her graduate research focused on community interventions for children with PTSD and other mental health problems related to non-accidental trauma. Carly was a member of the BSN Early Entry Option, a program that connects undergraduate nursing students with a faculty member and introduces them to early research experience and training to prepare them for doctoral studies directly after completing the undergraduate program.