Katie Pellino

Translating Evidence to Practice in Public Health Intern (2014)

A visit to a temporary housing project in South Africa several years ago sparked my interest in health systems, particularly in international settings. I look forward to learning about dissemination and application of WPHRN’s research. As an aspiring physician, this internship will provide invaluable insight into the public health infrastructure of Wisconsin.

This summer, Katie will be working with Dr. Susan Zahner and Dr. Mark Edgar to write a research brief for WPHRN’s Future of Teaching in Local and Tribal Health Departments research project that focuses on Wisconsin. As a Masters of Public Health (MPH) student herself, Katie looks forward to contributing to a project that analyzes the current support level and needs of students seeking to enter the public health field. She will also be working on an update to WPHRN’s Public Health Systems & Services Inventory. The update will allow for improved access and communication about Wisconsin Public Health Systems & Services Research. In addition, Katie will assist with WPHN membership outreach.

A Madison native, Katie attends Boston University (BU). She graduated with a B.A. in International Relations in May 2014, with a special focus on Latin America and cultural anthropology. She is also pursuing an MPH at BU’s School of Public Health, with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health.