Kate Rifken

Translating Evidence to Practice in Public Health Intern (2015)

I’ve slowly been broadening my focus – starting out in animal research, then human research, and now public health systems research. It’s been a great learning experience to see how everything I’ve learned about the brain and behavior fits together into the concept of population health.

Kate Rifken began her Translating Evidence to Practice in Public Health (TEP-PH) Internship with the Wisconsin Public Health Research Network (WPHRN) in late May of 2015.

Kate has an interest in both the development of translational research as well as the implementation of results after the conclusion of a study. During her time with the TEP-PH internship she will primarily work with Dr. Kimberlee Gretebeck on the implementation of the Physical Activity for Life for Seniors (PALS) program as well as assisting with the dissemination of results from the Cross-Jurisdictional Shared Service Arrangements in Local Public Health under Dr. Susan Zahner.

Kate received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biobehavioral Psychology at the University of Vermont. After returning to Madison she worked at the Center for Investigating Healthy minds for two years doing research using fMRI and mindfulness interventions. She currently works at the Veteran’s Administration as a Research Coordinator on a behavioral Post Traumatic Stress Disorder study and is pursuing a Master of Science in Population Health. Her interests include population-level research on mental health conditions as well as translational interventional studies on health systems.