Kriti Rishi

Translating Evidence to Practice in Public Health Intern (2014)

I am very excited to join Dr. Zahner’s team and start my TEP-PH Internship! In the future I plan to apply the experience from this internship and the knowledge gained through the MPH program into practice as a physician.

With her internship work, Kriti aspires to promote evidence-based practices through the translation and dissemination of research. This summer she will support WPHRN through a variety of projects. Kriti will promote the WPHRN’s strategic plan by engaging its members to update WPHRN’s Priority Research Questions. She will also create a report on research from practice-based research networks that help answer the current Priority Research Questions created by WPHRN members.

Kriti received a Bachelor of Science in neurobiology from UW-Madison. After graduating, Kriti worked at the UW Carbone Cancer Center as a research specialist before beginning the Master of Public Health program at UW School of Medicine and Public Health in fall 2013. She is currently a teaching assistant on Dr. Kevin Strang’s team for Human Physiology, an undergraduate course offered through the Department of Neuroscience at UW-Madison.