Strategic Plan 2022-2026


WPHRN links and supports public health practitioners and researchers to answer questions and disseminate discoveries that improve public health practice, promote racial and health equity, and contribute to population health.


Public health practice and population health are improved through communication and collaboration between public health practitioners and researchers.

Guiding Principles

  • Science and social justice are foundational to public health practice
  • Research informs practice and practice informs research
  • Partnership with investment and ownership from researchers, public health practitioners, and communities is critical to producing results that are meaningful, useful, and practical
  • Racial and health equity are essential to achieving population health
woman holding blue sticky labels on chalkboard

Strategic Priorities

The following strategic priorities are high level goals that will guide WPHRN organizational decisions, annual planning, and efforts from 2022-2026.

  1. Improve network sustainability
  2. Increase recognition of WPHRN as a resource for promoting public health research and practice partnerships
  3. Expand membership of WPHRN to include more community and racial/health equity researchers and practitioners focused on population health improvement
  4. Facilitate more productive and meaningful collaborations among researchers, public health practitioners, graduate students, and community-based entities to improve population health and equity
  5. Actively and broadly disseminate public health relevant research conducted by network members