Strategic Plan 2016-2019


The Wisconsin Public Health Research Network (WPHRN) links and supports public health practitioners and researchers in order to answer questions and disseminate discoveries applicable to improving practice and population health.

Core values

1. Science is the foundation of public health practice.

2. Partnership with investment and ownership from both research and public health practice is critical.

3. Results must be meaningful, useful and practical.

4. Research informs practice and practice informs research.

woman holding blue sticky labels on chalkboard


By 2019, the Wisconsin Public Health Research Network (WPHRN) will:

  • Have a larger and more actively engaged membership compared to 2016.  Members will experience interaction among the membership, with a healthy give and take between practitioners and researchers. Student members will have opportunities to engage in the WPHRN and for practitioners to share in lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Benefit from a strong branding and marketing initiative. Members and other customers of WHPRN products and services will be able to articulate tangible value associated with the WPHRN.\
  • Be actively engaged with research networks from other states to leverage partnerships, funding, and talent, and to increase significance and dissemination of findings.

Ultimately, the WPHRN will engage with funders and policy makers to help shape research agendas and increase research funding to the benefit of public health practice and the health of communities.

Overarching Goal

Increase research to improve public health practice and population health.


1. Increase the number of strategic partnerships.

2. Build stronger member engagement.

3. Build capacity for sustainability.

Wisconsin Public Health Network Strategic Plan 2016-2019